Raising Awareness and Understanding of Traditional Timekeeping

The New Dawn of Indigenous People


The new era is known as the New Dawn of Indigenous Peoples. This is an era that was prophesized by the last speaker of the Mexika people. In 1521, Cuauhtémoc addressed his people with the following presage:

To tonal ye omotlatiuh
Our Sun has hidden
Nuestro Sol se ha ocultado

To tonal ye omoixpoliuh
Our Sun has hidden his face from us
Nuestro Sol ha ocultado su cara de nosotros

Iuan zentlayouayan otechkateh
And in complete darkness he has left us
Y nos ha dejado en completa obscuridad

Machtikmatihman okzepa uallaz
But we know that he will be back again
Pero sabemos que regresará

Man Okzepa kizakiz
That he will return again
Que volverá de nuevo

Iuan Yankuiyotika techtlauilikeh
And once again he will shine on us
Y nuevamente brillará sobre nosotros

According to the information carved on the Stone of the Sun
(Piedra del Sol),the closing of the old cycle happened
upon the completion of the Fifth Sun during 2012 on two dates
Nahui Ollin two-hundred and sixty days apart:
March 26 and December 11, when Venus provoked eclipses due to its proximity to the Moon. Venus also eclipsed the Sun on June 9, 2012.

The Sixth Sun started started when Venus, in a purified state, was ready to rise from the waters in the West on May 3, 2013, which is what the Maya marked as closing of the 13 Bak’tun cycle and the ritual entering of a thirteen year period into the 14 Bak’tun cycle.

This long-foreseen time is known as the New Dawn of Indigenous Peoples because it connects us to Creation of Time-Space on a cosmological, spiritual and ecological level.