Raising Awareness and Understanding of Traditional Timekeeping

What is the New Dawn of Indigenous Peoples?

As civilization crises and planetary crises build up, Indigenous Peoples from all over the world –and particularly from the Americas– have been getting organized to receive the new time –expected with the advent of 2012. The purpose of this initiative is to bring together indigenous leaders and timekeepers from Turtle Island-North America, Anahuac-Mexico and Central America, and Tawantinsuyo-South America to have an intercontinental dialogue and to better understand what are the implications of the New Dawn of Indigenous Peoples and how this New Dawn can help to restore organizational capacities through an inter-nation balance of leaderships and through the respectful acknowledgement of our common, ancestral ties.

Timekeepers will promote the principles and values of the wisdom contained in the ancestral understanding of cycles of time for life. This kind of wisdom is called Lifecycle Living.