Raising Awareness and Understanding of Traditional Timekeeping

Our Vision

By 2026, when the 13-year transitioning period to the New Dawn has been completed, Earth Timekeepers will have become a consolidated network of indigenous wisdom-keepers of ancestral and contemporary knowledge about sacred time-space, with the capacity to support processes of territorial protection and defense of the rights of Mother Earth and Nature.

Our Mission

The mission of Earth Timekeepers is to support communities that are recovering the philosophies, knowledge and practices of Lifecycle Living by sponsoring on-site intercultural dialogues and teachings that combine traditional and modern modalities of exchange of information.

To fulfill this mission, we shall inspire communities to revitalize houses of original thought, sacred sites, temazcal/ticta, traditional festivals, traditional markets, traditional food, regenerative systems of food production, and the keeping of healthy forests, mountains, lakes, wetlands, cenotes, rivers, streams and seas. The mutual support among communities will contribute to the recovery of practices of timekeeping, weather prognostication, family and community healing, traditional regenerative agriculture, foraging, bee-keeping, fishing and hunting. We shall also encourage the recovery of indigenous organizational principles based on natural time-space cycles.

These organizational principles will enable the development of a leadership that embodies the premises and values of the New Dawn.

Overarching goal

To create a network of specific programs that will reinforce Indigenous ways of life and their associated teachings through alternative forms of organization, leadership, cosmovision, and practices based on the philosophy of sacred time-space and cycles.