Raising Awareness and Understanding of Traditional Timekeeping

The 13 Year Transitioning Time

According to what we know today, the Venus-Moon conjunctions during 2012 and the re-enactment of Creation Day on May 3, 2013, set the conditions for a process of renewal and re-organization that will take thirteen years.

The thirteen years are to be lived as impeccable as can be, just as we parents wisely guide our children to become ready for their rite of passage into a life of adulthood and community responsibility. So what should we be prioritizing to ensure the symbolic entering into full responsible adulthood?

Questions of this sort are relevant for our Pueblos and communities as we enter and live through this time, which we call a transitioning time. It is a very delicate time in which we are unprotected “because the ones in charge of keeping orderly time-space have taken a rest”, we have been told.