Raising Awareness and Understanding of Traditional Timekeeping


Jorge Garcia

New Leadership

The purpose of this project is to create new leadership formation that respond to this time. We have groups in New Mexico and in Hidalgo, Mexico

Mindahi Bastida

Protecting Biocultural Sacred Sites

The purpose of this initiative is to protect biocultural sacred sites by ritually activating or reactivating them.

Geraldine Patrick Encina

Reconstituting places of learning

This ongoing process will recreate spaces where indigenous knowledge about time cycles is shared and put into practice in biocultural contexts for community harmonization.

Victor Masayesva

Indian Time

The purpose of Indian Time is to be a film production that will teach the basics of what this time entails for indigenous peoples

Jennifer Wemigwans

Educational Material and Production with New Technologies

The purpose of this project is to create educational material so the information can be shared in different learning environments.

Watch this video “Indigenous Science of Time: A New Correlation”

Dr. Luis Perez, UACh

Network Building

The purpose of this project is to develop a network of community traditional leaders and academics.