Raising Awareness and Understanding of Traditional Timekeeping

The Closing of the Fifth Sun in 2012, Eight Years In. This text was prepared by Geraldine Patrick Encina and Mindahi Bastida to explain how the Stone of the Suns (typically known as The Aztec Calendar Stone) has dates for three major eclipse events that took place in 2012. Venus ‘eclipsed’ the Sun on June 5, 2012, as it made a transit through the Sun. The date for the rising of Venus as a Morning Star a few days later (on June 10) was marked on the Tonalpohualli (260-cycle which is identical for all Mesoamerica) as 2 Reed, which is a date that can be seen in the Borgia Codex, on page 53. This is an Almanac for all five first (or heliacal) risings of morning Venus that happen every eight years. The omens for that rising on June 10, 2012 also apply for June 10, 2020. They tell of the dethroning of governors.

The Precession of the Equinoxes in Ancient Mesoamerica. Watch video here, go to Settings to choose English Subtitles.